Jane Wallace

Chartered Financial Planner

Jane Wallace

Location: Blackheath

Fax: 020 8853 7169

Jane is a chartered financial planner whose role is to create financial planning solutions for our clients. She also assists our lead adviser Ian Starkey.

Jane has worked in finance for 24 years in various guises including stints as a financial journalist. Previously she has worked as a features writer for a financial adviser trade magazine and as a personal finance writer for a consumer website where she specialised in writing about retirement planning and investment planning.

Jane returned to the financial advice arena in 2010. She holds the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning with the designation APFS. Her key areas of interest are retirement planning, investment planning and creating financial plans for clients based on lifetime cash flow forecasting.




Jane holds the following qualifications:-

FP1 Regulatory Paper

FP2 Protection Savings and Investment Products

FP3 Identifying and Satisfying Clients Needs

CF2 Investment and Risk

Certificate in Financial Planning

R04 Pensions and Retirement Planning

J02 Trusts

J03 The Tax and Legal Aspects of Business

J05 Pension Income Options

J06 Investment Principles, Markets and Environments

AF1 Taxation & Trusts

AF3 Pension Planning

AF4 Investment Planning

AF5 Financial Planning Process

Diploma in Financial Planning

Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning